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Continuous, Fundamental, Enhanced & Retro Commissioning

Continuous Commissioning

Energy efficiency is our focus. Since 75% of all buildings perform significantly below their capabilities, existing facilities are a natural and significant part of our business.


From the simple to the complex, from energy audits to full retro-commissioning, CPM Scheduling has helped scores of owners and operators with personalized attention. Our group has a long track record in helping clients reach their building efficiency goals.


LEED certification for existing buildings, LEED –EB,  is one popular way to reach this efficiency goal with certainty. Another means of recognition, the U.S. EPA Energy Star certification,  is a service we offer as well.


LEED® Commissioning

Our work as commissioning authority is focused on energy-using systems such as mechanical, electrical, hot water and the building envelope.   U.S. Green Building Council‘s LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for new buildings (version 3 currently) is defined by a credit system divided into 6 categories as follows:

  • Sustainable Sites (SS)

  • Water Efficiency (WE)

  • Materials and Resources (MR)

  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA)

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Innovation/Design Process (ID)

LEED certification requires commissioning of building systems in the EA category. Fundamental commissioning is the stated prerequisite for this effort. Enhanced commissioning is a highly desirable and low cost addition, which gets the LEED applicant another 2-5 points for this option. Steps are listed in the approximate chronological order as they might occur during an actual project.

LEED® Commissioning Requirements


Commissioning Actions Deliverables

1)  Engage Commissioning Authority (CA) that is not directly responsible for the design or construction of the project – LEED EA Prerequisite - Fundamental Commissioning (Cx)
We negotiate the scope / price as needed and sign contract in time to review Design Intent or Basis of Design.
2)  Commissioning Authority to Review Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), and Basis of Design (BOD) Documents – LEED EA Prerequisite - Fundamental Commissioning (Cx)
We provide a documented review of the Owners Project Requirements and Basis of Design Documents.
3)  Commissioning Authority to Review design documents prior to mid-construction document phase and back check the review comments following design submission – LEED EA credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
We provide a documented review of the design documents prior to final publication of the Construction Documents.
4)   Incorporate Commissioning into the Construction Documents – LEED EA Prerequisite - Fundamental Commissioning  (Cx)
We include developing Commissioning Specifications for Divisions 1, 15, 16, and 17 and submitting the Commissioning Specifications to AE firm for inclusion in the Construction Documents.
5)  Develop Commissioning plan – LEED EA Prerequisite - Fundamental Commissioning  (Cx)
We develop the Commissioning plan as required.
6)  Review Submittals applicable to systems being commissioned for compliance with OPR and BOD – LEED EA credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
We review submittals on all equipment to be commissioned,  and provide comments regarding the Prefunctional (startup) testing. Our review is focused on the capability of the equipment to meet the owner’s operation and maintenance needs.
7)  Verify Installation – LEED EA Prerequisite - Fundamental Commissioning (Cx)
This is a loosely defined requirement. The Following are CPM’s standard procedures for this requirement.


    a. We review and provide comments on the contractor’s submittals for Pre-functional test procedures. Our comments are based on compliance with design intent, commissioning specifications and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    b. We also develop and publish Functional Test Procedures (FTPs) from the information provided in the construction documents and equipment submittals. CPM’s FTPs describe the test procedures necessary to ensure the systems meet the design intent. CPM submits the preliminary FTPs to the owner, design team and construction team for review and comment.
    c. Our work as commissioning agent includes witnessing the tests performed by the contractors and providing status and deficiency reports to the Commissioning Team.
    d. Some of these items are considered to be Enhanced Cx, but we include them under Fundamental because we feel it results in a better turnover. We review the training programs for all equipment that is being commissioned and coordinate to ensure that all necessary parties participate in each training program.
8)  Ensure that a Systems Manual that will provide the operating staff the information needed to understand and optimally operate the commissioned systems has been prepared. – LEED EA credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
We review the O&M manuals and add the necessary operating information to meet this requirement.
9)  Ensure that the operating personnel and building occupants have been trained in the operation and maintenance of the commissioned systems. – LEED EA credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
We review the training agendas for compliance with this requirement and witnesses the training to ensure the personnel are properly trained.
10)  Write final report – LEED EA Prerequisite – Fundamental Commissioning
We prepare a final report consisting of the test procedures, test results, deficiency resolutions, and the training program.
11)  Review building operations within ten months after substantial completion and ensure that a plan for resolution of outstanding issues has been completed. – LEED EA credit 3 - Enhanced Commissioning
We include this review as well as any additional testing, such as on equipment that was repaired or replaced under warranty. We also include any opposite season testing necessary.